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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Easter and More Common Ground

When parenting an adopted child, it is a joy to watch them experience the 'new' and 'firsts'. Something as simple a homemade chocolate chip cookie from Mommy. I know it's special with bio children too. I've experienced that joy. This is different. There is always in the back of my mind what could have been for my boys. All they would have missed. All that wasn't theirs to experience or try. So tasting a warm cookie from the oven for the first time, that's special stuff here right now.

Candy is still a happy place for Moses and Judah. Easter candy from a couple egg hunts produced happy faces and looks of longing. Yes, Moses, I've studied the beauty of chocolate before eating it, too! Yum.....

Then the teasing began. Judah gobbled his up fast. Moses is slow and deliberate about saving his portion until everyone else is done. Then, he shows it off. No, it doesn't end well. Ever.

The big kids loved looking for eggs at Uncle Richie's house.

Moses, Bella and Judah enjoying the treats found in the eggs, thanks to Grandma Vicki.

Tada!!! The boys have found MORE things to do together. If you have toddler boys, you can probably guess what's coming.......

THROWING ROCKS!!!! Thankfully, it was in the pond, not at each other. Another plus!

Still more to come...........

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