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Friday, April 20, 2012

Last Day in Jinan

Today was interesting.........

Mario and the kids went to the police station to pick up Josiah's passport. Mario thinks Josiah's screaming might have actually helped get his passport sooner. No one wanted to listen to it..... Needless to say, he was not a happy boy.

They also visited a park. The parks in China never disappoint when one wishes to people watch. We're not talking walking trails and dutiful pet owners picking up after their dogs. There are no swings, slides or monkey bars. This time, there was an opera. An opera ~at the park. Mario thought they were joking at first, but his guide assured him it was real and the people watching clapped with pleasure. So different. And interesting.

It was a tough day for Mario and Josiah. Our little guy was less than cooperative and happy. He didn't want to walk and didn't want to be held. So, Mario bought a stroller. Best solution all the way around. Josiah liked the stroller
and Mario's arms got a break from carrying him.
Josiah did find one thing to be happy about today.......KETCHUP! As you can see, he's licking it off the paper. He even asked for more. Not to eat with something. Just to eat. Poor baby. Daddy said no! But Mommy, she understands the love for ketchup. Come home, Son, and
we'll bond over a bottle of Heinz. Or maybe some Hunts because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup.
For my faithful friends who pray for us but are unaware of the challenges of IA (International Adoption). The 'work' is hardly over because he smiles for pictures and is affectionate towards his father. Not even close. He has much to learn about being a son and having parents. He'll have to learn how to be a brother and how to follow rules, how to obey, how to communicate effectively his needs. He needs to learn appropriate behaviors and appropriate responses to disappointment. He has to learn how to interact in a healthy way with other people. It's so much for our little guy to absorb and take in right now. Please continue to pray for Mario~that he would be patient and loving when Josiah is angry and ungrateful because he is scared and doesn't understand. For Josiah~that God would give him understanding and peace and that his heart would know the words we can't verbalize to him.

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