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Friday, March 12, 2010

Moses the Entertainer

Moses was a source of entertainment today.  He started his day by putting on Mario's shorts (all by himself) and walking around our room with them on.  He was disappointed when the time came to put his own clothes on.  Then, just before we went downstairs to meet our group for sightseeing, he found a pair of funny glasses Mario bought yesterday from one of the street vendors.  He insisted on putting them on and wearing them for most of the morning.  The glasses made a squeaky noise when you blew into them.  Imagine the looks we received walking through the lobby of our hotel squeaking all the way with funny glasses.  :) 
After meeting up with everyone, we were off to the Beijing Zoo.  There really isn't much to write home about this one.  It is as basic a zoo as you can imagine.  Although, I thought it strange to see a chicken and squirrel as an exhibit.  Moses wore his glass through the zoo until they got in the way of his ability to see the animals.  At that point, he gave them to Mommy to hold. 
While there, I thought I'd take a picture of Moses and told him to "Smile for Mommy!"  He smiled and threw up the "V for victory"  for me.  I didn't even know he knew that one!  He was such a character today!!!  Those who have been to China know about the "v".   I wonder who taught him that one?  Or did he just pick it up watching and looking?  It was no fluke-  He did it 3 times. 
Once we were leaving the zoo, I'm sure you can guess what he wanted back.  :)  The funny glasses.  By this time, we lost the squeaker, moustache and nose--by his hand.  He had the glasses just how he wanted and had fun playing 'peek-a-boo' through the seat crack with me. 
We also learned that our boy can, in fact, speak chinese.  His favorite thing he is saying to us in chinese-- "give that back to me!"  or "give that to me!".  lol  Over and over and over and over and over....................  Funny, Moses won't speak chinese to anyone else.  When our guide talks to him, he still just nods yes and no to answer him.  However, he is opening up to us and is talking and saying 'things'---I'm just sad I don't know what it is he's saying.
Tomorrow we fly out of Beijing to Guangzhou, the last stop before home.  Whew!  It's good to be moving on.  We love you all.   


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  1. Love the pictures from today!!! Praying for you as you travel tomorrow.