For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I think I'm awake enough to share yesterday's details.  Sleep hasn't come easy this time.  :)
When we arrived at the institution, we were struck by how cold it was as we walked to our meeting room.  Suddenly, the layers and bundling of the children made complete sense.  The meeting room was big, as you can see in the pictures we previously posted.  (the one where Mario is looking oh so nervous off to the side.....)  We started with the paperwork and soon...............
He was walking through the door.  I had just enough sense to grab my camera, tell Mario to grab the camcorder and snap the picture we posted of him walking in, all bundled up.  He came in smiling and happy to be there.  I only took the one one picture before I abandoned my camera and went over to him.  He smiled at me and quickly walked away, off to try to explore every inch of the room.  Until..........
He saw Daddy.  Mario was knelt on the floor, smiling at him and when Moses saw him, his entire countenance changed.  You can kind of see it in the pictures.  The expression on his face is, i don't know, almost like he was instantly connected to Daddy.  He walked right over to Mario, stared at him for a few seconds and then hugged him.  :)  It was the sweetest thing I think I have ever seen.  And Mario was clearly the favorite!  He didn't mind me, but preferred Daddy.  As I think about it, Mario had much the same reaction when he saw Moses for the first time.  He just knew this was our son.  Moses must have just known, this is my Daddy.  God is so good. 
He is a very happy little boy.  He eats EVERYTHING.  The only dislikes we have found so far is apple juice and his toothpaste.   When it comes to eating, I don't think he knows how to stop himself yet.  He eats until everything he has access to and is within his reach is gone.  He doesn't cry or beg for more, but he doesn't stop either.  Just a sad reflection of what our son has been through. 
Our only times of crying come at naptime and bedtime and when we tried to take off his shoes or pants.  He hates the playpen they have given us for him to sleep in.  He doesn't want to be in it and no matter how tired he is, he simply won't fall asleep in it.  Naptime turned into play time.  At bedtime I held him on my chest and he fell asleep there.  :)  That was some precious time.  We did that twice.  The first time, he woke up when I put him in his bed.  The second time (at 10pm) he woke up, but was too tired to stay awake.  He woke back up at 3am and played quietly for an hour or so and fell back asleep. 
It's time to go to breakfast, so I'm cutting off our update.  Things move quickly around here!  More info and pictures later. 


  1. Mario and Lisa,
    It is so awesome to hear about how God is working in your situation! So so beautiful...
    The Speweiks

  2. I could tell how drawn to your husband he was on the pics...almost a relieved look on his face. It struck me right away. Keep the posts coming, Momma...I am enjoying every word!
    Blessings and prayers!!

  3. Lisa and mario...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Welcome Moses!!!! what beautiful picture and so thankful I can "watch" you all from a far!!! prayers and hugs!! diane

  4. Raelyn was looking at the pictures and said... That's Judah!
    I guess from her point of view they look like brothers!
    We will keep praying...